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Bespoke Timber Door Canopies by George Woods 

If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for in our online shop, we can design and build a canopy unique to you and your home. 
Or perhaps you just want slight dimension changes, it's not a problem for George Woods. We are often requested to widen the canopy up to 2500mm between gallows brackets to fit a door and window below also making the canopy width smaller is common for cottages, when modifying the canopies we have to take into consideration that the pitch is set as standard @ 45° this can also be adapted. 
Common adaptions are: 
How To Measure your bespoke door canopy guide with pictures. Measure the distance between the top of your door and any restrictions above, e.g. a window or gutter. Measure the width: this is the width of your door plus a recommended 3" either side. Measure the depth: Standard canopies are 505mm.

Click here to download our easy 'how to measure' guide 

Our Branscombe style A frame door canopy finished with a dark stain

  For a free no obligation quote just fill in the form below and we will get back to you with a price  

For bespoke gallows brackets: 

Size required (in mm)
Gallows Depth
Gallows Length

For bespoke door canopy: 

Size required (in mm)
Width between gallows
Overall height

The images below show bespoke canopies that have all been adapted in some way 

Bespoke 'branscombe' style door canopy stained in a dark brown.
Bespoke Branscombe canopy 
White ashcombe door canopy 'after' picture
'Before' picture of a boxed in GRP canopy
'Before' picture of where the old canopy has been removed from the wall.
During the door canopy's installation
White ashcombe door canopy 'after' picture
White ashcombe door canopy 'after' picture

See this transformation from an old GRP canopy to our beautiful Ashcombe design!  

This canopy features our Reference 5 Barge boards to decorate the front eaves of the A frame.  This looks especially great when paired with the same style barge board on the roof above! Take a look at our barge boards here 

Send us yours! 
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